Image by Wolfgang Hasselmann


Attention to Detail

As Spring approaches, weeds begin to spread across your lawn competing for vital sunlight and nutrients. And as you’ve probably already experienced, mowing is only a temporary fix. Luckily, there are many safe weed control alternatives that can help.

With our lawn weed control services, you’ll be able to get rid of the most stubborn types of weeds. Our lawn weed control specialists are experts in the weeds native to our region. They’ve also tried and tested different treatments to find what best removes them.

Ultra Lawn Weed Control Services

Ultra Lawn has been around the block, and we know a few tips and tricks to deliver some of the best lawn treatment for weeds. Our process starts with an in-depth assessment of the types of weeds growing in your lawn. Our specialists understand the factors that go into weed infestations, such as lawn age, grass type, fertilizer mixture, and local growing conditions. We use this expertise to create a custom treatment plan for you.

Can’t I just pull the weeds out?

In a majority of cases, it’s not enough to simply pull weeds out of the ground in your lawn. Sure, it appears like the entire weed has been removed, but if even just a tiny part of the weed root is still in the ground, it will still have the chance to grow and sprout a new weed in the future. Schedule a free estimate with our weed control experts today to see how you can have a lush green lawn like you’ve always wanted.