Always Prepared

Ultra Lawn is a trusted and respected name in Idaho’s landscaping industry. We provide a detailed-oriented service for clients so that their properties stay healthy and attractive all year round.

We understand that your trees are valuable, they provide shade, protection, and add to the look of your property. Thus, ensuring proper care is quite important. We recommend to start by scheduling a regular maintenance trimming. 

Benefits of Tree & Bush Pruning

Pruning trees and bushes improves your landscapes health and enhances its appearance. This process is a very important part of any landscaping plan, and we take it very seriously.

Some expected benefits of tree & bush pruning include:

  • Reduces vulnerability to disease.

  • Pruning lowers the risk of property damage caused by heavy wind.

  • Allows more sunlight to penetrate your plants, encouraging growth.

  • Keeps your landscape healthy and structurally sound.

  • Improves the aesthetics of your property.

Ultra Lawn’s Shrub Trimming Service

Ultra Lawn understands importance of protecting your shrubs while promoting the beauty of your landscape. Thus, our goal is to leave you with healthy plants that look well-manicured. This will ensure the proper foundation for lush green vegetative growth. 

When you call Ultra lawn, you can expect tailored service designed to keep your property looking gorgeous throughout the year. We’re proud to maintain such high standards of care, and we can’t wait for the opportunity to present it to you.