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Is your tree growth beginning to slow down? Are the leaves yellowing? Do yo live in an area where the climate is on the dry side? If so, then then some deep root feeding may be what your landscape needs in order thrive. The idea behind deep root feeding is to provide your tree’s root system with a strong reserve of nutrients through the Fall and Winter season.

However, you can’t just use any fertilizer you have laying around. Because of this, may people opt for finding a trustworthy landscaping service, and that’s where Ultra Lawn comes in!

What is Deep Root Fertilizing?

Deep root feeding (or fertilizing) is the process of  sticking a pipe into the soil about 8-12 inches and then, under pressure, squirt fertilizer into the ground. The strategy is that since tree roots are deep in the ground, the fertilizer must also be put deep in the ground. Since this process requires special equipment, it is usually done by a professional such as Ultra Lawn.

The majority of absorbing tree roots are found in the top 2-8″ of soil where water and oxygen are abundant. Fertilizer placed below this level does little for the tree and can potentially harm the surround environment. The key nutrients required when deep root feeding are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. 

Should You Fertilize Your Trees?

Tree roots covered by grass can actually add an additional problem. Grass roots will often compete with tree roots for nutrients which limits how much your tree actually absorbs in.

There are a lot of factors that may play into whether or not you should consider deep root fertilizaiton. that’s why it’s always recommended to consult with the professionals first so you don;t kill any surround landscape.