Our Story

Because We Care About You!

What has made Ultra Lawn the North Idaho landscaping experts for the past 23 years? Well, our business is unique because it’s personal; we’re not some big “national franchise”, just North Idaho locals who live, work & play here, just like you.  We know lawns and we know what our customers want; lush, green, weed-free lawns that look like they belong in North Idaho.

We also build relationships with our customers like no one else.  Our employees are long-term and our customers usually know their applicator on a first name basis.  We strive to do the best customer service that we can because we understand what losing a customer means, unlike the national franchises that seem to only care about volume and the bottom line. This is why we’ve been known as the go-to North Idaho landscaping experts.

For instance, can you honestly call one of our competitors and talk to the owner?   Have you ever been down on your luck and needed payment arrangements?   Have you ever been visited, in the hospital, by your lawn care company?   With Ultra-Lawn, they answer is YES.  We think that’s pretty special!

Pride In Our Work:

We respect our customers. You’re our neighbor and we just wouldn’t feel right trying to sell you a service you don’t need. That’s why we may give advice, but we never use telemarketing to try and sell you unnecessary services.

If you do it yourself and think you’re saving money, you may be in for a big surprise. Since we buy materials in bulk and use professional equipment to save time, the cost of lawn care service is usually pretty close (and often less expensive) than properly caring for your lawn yourself.

Our lawns are carefully groomed and our employees take pride in delivering the best possible appearance for each property with great attention to detail. Your lawn will be mowed on a weekly schedule at a setting of 2½”-3″ height. Our blades are sharpened regularly to ensure a clean cut when mowing.

We prefer to recycle lawn clippings back into the soil, but if you prefer bagging and removal of your lawn clippings, it is an additional charge. Walks and driveways are always cleaned of any stray clippings and the property is carefully trimmed.


Ron Gross 2018.jpg

Ron Gross

Ron, a Silver Valley native, started his career with Ultra-Lawn in 1997 as a part of our mow crew.  Earning his applicators license in 2002; Ron has become one of our most versatile employees and a customer favorite.  You may see Ron spraying your lawn, aiding the mow crew, or even providing labor for a landscape clean-up.  Around the shop, he serves as one of our mechanics and does most of our small engine repair.  Ron and his wife, Jessica, are very active with the Foster Care Alliance and provide them with ongoing support.  The proud parents of two adult children, and multiple foster kids, Ron and Jessica reside in Spirit Lake.

James Lee

James Lee joined the team in 2020.  He has a calm and respectful attitude and likes to work with others. He resides in Rathdrum with his girlfriend and two-year-old son Emmett, in his childhood home.  He went to Lakeland High School in Rathdrum and is working on his GED.  His prior employment was with Consigned Furniture in Liberty Lake, WA.  He enjoys football, dirt biking, hunting, and all outdoors events.

Ryan Failor.jpg

Ryan Failor

Recently honorably discharged from the U.S. Army, Ryan Failor joined the Ultra-Lawn team in the early fall of 2020.  He went to Post Falls High School where he played football, wrestling and track. He enjoys photography and hiking.  He coached club volleyball for 13 thru15 year old on the 915 united in El Paso Texas. He played professional volleyball for the All Army Team. He now lives in Post Falls Idaho with his family.

James Lee 2020.jpg
ivy ricketts.JPG

Ivy Rickett

Ultra-Lawn’s sales department welcomed Ivy Rickett to the team in the spring of 2020, and she brings with her many years of green industry sales experience.  Originally from Washington State, but raised the majority of her life in North Idaho, Ivy enjoys hiking and exploring waterfalls in addition to baking, gardening, and hanging out with her family and her dog Bear.  Ivy is also very artistic and paints plant-life as much as she can.  Residing in Old Town, Ivy regularly enjoys listening to music and drinking peppermint mochas, with two shots of white coffee, during her daily commute.

Travis Taylor

Travis Taylor 2021.jpg

Joining the team in the spring of 2021, Travis Taylor has proven to be a quick learner and takes great pride in his work.  As a part of the mow crew, you may see Travis during your weekly mowing, or perhaps a spring thatching or aeration.  Prior to working for Ultra-Lawn, Travis worked for Super One Foods and Red Robin, and he much prefers to work outside.  Travis grew up in Rathdrum and currently resides in Post Falls, where he enjoys riding horses, hunting, fishing and playing video games.