Lawn Care Tips

There are things you need to be doing every season to make sure your lawn is in pristine condition. Check out these free tips to learn what will give you that lush green grass you're looking for.

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Meet The Team

At Ultra Lawn we believe you should know who's going to be at your house. Our team will always be dressed in a uniform and conduct themselves in a professional manner. Take a minute to meet our team!

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Why Choose Ultra Lawn?

We take great pride in our work and would love the opportunity to prove to you what we can do. Find out what sets us above our competition.

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Current Specials

We're always looking for ways to save you money while providing you the best service possible. Find out what special offers we're running right now!

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About Us

Ultra-Lawn started business in 1997 and was located at 840 Canal Street, Rathdrum, ID. Beginnings were frugal with no employees. We purchased one used truck and ran the whole business from our tiny living room. At the time, David (Gibson) did all aspects of the business from the actual mowing and fertilizing to billing and accounts payable.

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Customer Feedback

We wanted to let you know how much we appreciated your sending Kevin & Frank (my two favorite landscapers!) back to our house this spring to take care of all the details. The yard is looking REALLY GOOD & we appreciate all your hard work!

Also, a compliment to you David: We really respect you coming back this spring to finish all the work on the yard to make us “satisfied customers”. You are a man of integrity to stand behind your word/promises. We will definitely recommend you to our family & friends!

Thanks again for all your hard work. We like how you do business!!

Lawn care
Bob & Sue B - Post Falls

This is a short note to say thank you for being the kind and considerate people that you are. You run your company so that your customers feel like family.

Being a customer for several years, you have always solved any problems I might have quickly & professionally. Throughout the years, if I experienced a financial situation, you have always worked with me & last spring when I was in the hospital, you took the time to come and see me; that was very special.

I will also stay with you and your company for my lawn needs and I consider you guys as friends.

Thank you again for being the kind of people you are and the way you run your business.


Lawn Care

Judy L - Hayden Lake

You and your employees have put on a great display of “AMERICA AS IT USE TO BE”. You have kept your word, your schedule and produced a great product!


Lawn Care

Gary M - Post Falls

Thank you for taking such good care of my lawn, trees & sprinkler system this summer.


Lawn Care
Tree Care

Mary Ann M - Coeur d'Alene

I have used one of Ultra-Lawn’s competitors for my fertilizer applications and tree sprays for quite some time but NO MORE!  My trees and lawn have looked like crap all summer, plagued with fungi infestations, red rot, aphids and mildew.  “Brand X” pretty much says they can’t control these problems due to weather (an excuse), which I think is unacceptable.

Ultra-Lawn recently gave me a quote for these same services, offered at a very reasonable price, and since I already trust them with my weekly lawn mowing,  I know I will be a satisfied customer.  Thank you for doing such a great job mowing!


Joyce W. of Post Falls

“I would like you to know you did a great job keeping the lawn(s) and shrubs looking nice at our “very public” building.”

Barbara, USPS Postmaster

“The neighbors say this is the best our lawn has ever looked.  Thanks Ultra-Lawn!”

Kyra M. Post Falls, ID

Hello Linda and Dave!  I feel as if I am saying goodbye to old friends with this email to you.  Dad’s house sold as of today or tomorrow and so I am letting you know to discontinue your service of it.

First of all, I must tell you how much I have appreciated working with you all these years, both with my house and dad’s.  You have no idea how great of a contribution you have made to the quality of my life all this time.  Many warm thanks!

 I think you should offer your services to the new owners!  :)

Take care, live life to its fullest

Mary Ann - Cd'a

“I appreciate the mow guys beings so willing to work with me this year.  They have been so helpful and have done a wonderful job keeping my lawn looking great while my husband is out of town working.”

Ashleigh S - Hayden ID

“The guys did a great job on my lawn; I’m hooked now!”

Steve S. - Hayden Id

“Thank you for a job well done!”

John J. - Post Falls ID

Thank you so much, Dawn.  I am SO satisfied and grateful for all of you at
Ultra-Lawn.  Always professional, friendly and accommodating.  It’s
difficult to find a reputable and dependable lawn care service, so I want
you to know I appreciate all of you.

Joyce W - Post Falls

“I have never seen a lawn mowed so fast or so beautifully!  I called for just a one-time mow but now I am signing up for regular weekly service.  I would like to post how great you are somewhere….”

Wanda B - Hayden ID